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Life Insurance

Make sure your loved ones are protected if the "god for bid" happens. We offer all types of Life Insurance from the major carriers in the market. Whether it’s Term, Whole Life or Universal Life Insurance, we can help. Everyone has different needs and our experts will work personally with you and your family to figure out what is best for your needs.

401(K) Retirement Plan

401(k) plans offer a tax-deferred retirement savings plan for employees. Help attract and retain employees by offering this option and strengthening your teams benefit package. Typically, an employer matches a portion of your contribution.

Long Term Care

Worksite Specialists offers solutions as you reach certain milestones in your life. We can help with Traditional Long-Term Care Polices as well as Long-Term Care through Life Insurance. Health insurance rarely pays for the cost of long-term care and Medicare usually doesn't cover custodial care. It’s never too early to start the process and prepare. Don’t burden your loved ones with the rising cost of health care.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is a "paycheck" protector that protects you financially. If you are out of work due to an accident or sickness, our plans will replace a percentage of your income. There are typically 2 types of Disability Products: Short-Term and Long-Term. Plan designs are customizable based on your specific needs. We can help whether it’s an individual or group product.